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USE MY SPACE came about for reasons that you might find familiar.

The founding director worked in an office building that looked over a large residential area of flats and houses. She noticed that during the normal working day most of the drives and parking spaces below were empty - and yet she and her colleagues in the building had to go through a daily scramble to get a space in the car park, and pay a high price to boot!

She also noticed that people who lived near the sea would have empty parking spaces in the summer months whilst the on-street parking spaces were often full by 8.00 a.m. These empty spaces could be earning their owners some money!

Her bright idea was: "why isn't there a national on-line database that can put people who need to park in touch with people who would be happy to rent their space?"

The end result, following the all-important application of secure and reliable Internet technology, is USE MY SPACE.

USE MY SPACE can earn money for Members and save money for Members, and once a Member is registered they can seek a space or offer a space whenever and wherever they want. It could be a regular arrangement with a business commuter, a one-off trip to a football match, or a fortnight booking when you are away on holiday.

All you need to do to join in is to register.

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