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Is your drive or parking space empty from time to time? Do you live near somewhere that lots of people travel to? Offices and shops, a beach or beauty spot, a sports or entertainment venue? If so, you could make money by renting out your space.

Use My Space relies on donations for the upkeep of the service. Any donations welcome:

Are you tired of paying high parking fees, queuing to find a space, walking miles to get to your destination from a car park? You could save time and money by using a private drive or parking space instead.

You might even fit both categories! Either way, USE MY SPACE can find you a space if you need one or a paying customer if you have a space.

NEW to USE MY SPACE is the option to offer / search for other spaces you may have an interest in such as Beach Huts, Villas and Apartments.

All space prices are agreed between the Offerer and the Searcher, so it's down to the Use My Space customers to decide how much they want to make or spend (or you could swap).

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